cantilever tensile structure manufacturer

Cantilever Tensile Structure Manufacturer

Shri Ram Industries is the leading Cantilever Tensile Structure Manufacturers which works in the making of various types of tensiles along with Cantilever Tensile Structure. These are made with the best quality of raw material and by the trained and expert team of professional engineers. These are the free standing structures which are made for the open spaces such as outdoor learning, play environments, etc. These structures are made of an exclusive waterproof material for the coverage over large areas with the support of tubular steel posts.

Our tensiles are constructed with woven base cloth which is the fabric made up of polyester threads. These tensiles are made with the fabric which constantly goes under the process of tension in wrap and weft directions so that it can provide the superior polymer surface layer performance. The steel which is used is stainless and do not gets corroded due to the environmental hazards. These are made using the modern technology systems to give them the perfect finish. We emphasizes on the durability of the product with the maintenance of quality.

  • These are available in different shape, size, and designs.
  • These are made with high quality material.
  • We cater Just in time services.
  • Affordable to buy and use.
  • We offer Just in Time services.